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Why you should choose us?

  • For our group of professionals with proven solvency and experience.
  • Because we have a support team which ensures the implementation of advanced technologies.
  • Porque contamos con un equipo de formación y reciclaje para nuestro equipo de profesionales.
  • Personal talent and intelligence in service of professional efficiency through Debt Collection
  • Because our customers can be informed online of their records in real time.
  • Because we count on a predictive caller with the last technology.
  • Because we work under respect and professionalism to your customers, always protecting their data information (more than a million of cases without any sanction or complain).
  • Because we offer all kind of facilities to your clients for the payment of their debt.
  • Because we are supported by the Economics and Finance Minister and by the ANGECO (The Spanish Association of Entities of Collection Management).
  • Because more than XXX customers around the country support, with their reliance, our work