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Debt and Society

66% of Spanish companies have suffered some significant unpaid invoice that has altered its liquidity. This increased rates of unpaid invoices represent and important threaten for the correct functioning of the productive sector and the economy.

When economies work properly, people work, produce, sell and charge for what they do. In normal conditions, this is the way of payment.

Health companies for a health economy

When this way is altered because of unpaid invoices, companies start loosing their liquidity, which means a threaten for the develop and growth of the company, the payment of wages to employers and suppliers, and even the viability of the company.

The obstruction of the payments is a big problem for everyone who works, whether as employees and as independent workers.

In Corporación Legal are committed to our clients in generating effective and agile solutions that enable them to recover their unpaid and standardize its "cash flow" for the benefit of your company, its employees and its suppliers.